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In the Lalitpur area of Bundelkhand, a beautiful girl was born in the house of Krishak Thakur Shri Himmat Singhji Baghel and Mrs. Batibai Baghel. Whose name was kept Prabha. Prabhaji did not get school education because of the thought of being born in the farming family and not teaching girls. but the parents put the rites of service and kindness in their daughter's life since childhood.

At the young age, due to her marriage to Mr. Pritam Singh Ji Parihar, you came to Indore with him for live. In 1981 you received the only child as a son who we know today as Amit Singh Parihar.

The boy Amit, who had not yet seen the love of his parents fully, that at the age of four or five, he had to suffer a lot. Her mother died due to having a hole in the valve and lacking proper treatment.

Desperate baby Amit, after his mother's death, took a firm resolve in his childhood that God should make me so capable that no one should have lost his life due to such a disease and I can work for such people.

Amit sprouted from planting the seed of Service, rites, kindness, thought to be in the medical field; unfortunately did not get selected in PMT, after doing a course of dialysis technician for kidney patients, initially, services started in Bhopal and then at Shree Cloth Market Hospital in Indore.

The seeds of service, sentiments, and compassion have been planted in Amit Ji from childhood. His wife Mrs. AbhiLashaji has supported Amitji on the step-step.


Under the chairmanship of Smt. Abhilasha Ji, a non-governmental organization has been formed with the name of "Smt Prabhadevi Health Education and Services Committee" with their selected friends and start organizing camps to make the public aware of heart and kidney diseases at various places.

To all your work, your father-in-law, Mr. Lakshman Singh Ji Chauhan, heartily appreciated and became your guide in this work. Today Mr. Chauhan is playing the main role of our co-ordinator in this organization.

The plant of service, ritual, and kindness today it's the first flower is blooming in the Dhar as the dialysis unit of "Prabhadevi health, Education and services committee" and since the beginning of this unit on behalf of our institute in Dhar and surrounding areas we provide good treatment with a good feeling to a kidney patients.

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