Dr. Mrs. Anita Choukse

Famous doctor Dr. G. C. Bhatia, who had served as a Cardiologist in Choithram hospital till his last time, his daughter decided to come to our unit with the help of our NGO Prabhadevi Health and Education Services Committee being as the guardian of Dialysis Unit Dhar Has taken that which is exemplary for us.

The name of Dr. Mrs. Anita Choukse does not require any introduction to the Kidney sufferers of the zone. Born on 09/07/1968, Indore, Dr. Anita has been a meritorious student since her childhood. You also had an effect on father's well-known doctor, and you selected medical education for your studies. In the earlier effort of PET, you entered the MBBS and passed all the examinations in first class. The University gave you 1 st Professional Scholarship. You received MD degree from MGM Medical College. For the treatment of kidney disease, you have done the course of Nephrology from PD Hinduja Hospital and Research Center Mumbai from April 1995 to March 1997. There you studied in depth with regard to nephrology related to the disease and its treatment as a clinical assistant along with studies.

Poster presentation in a conference organized by Epicon in 1995 "Inside of the Experimental of Oral Glucose Tolerance Test in Pregnancy", with this title on 22/01/95 you was ranked third.

You read your letter at the 27th Annual Nephrology Conference held at AIIMS, New Delhi. 42th in Sapporo Japan Japanese Society for Young by presenting your letter on Dialysis Therapy Received the Investigator Award. Since 2010, you are a member of the International Nephrology Society.

By joining the Board Review Course of Kidney Foundation organized in Mumbai in 2011 and 2012, you have received CME award. In 2012 at the EDTA conference in Paris Participation as an EDTA member.

Participate in the 2013 SAARC Conference held in Chennai. You have always been receiving CME credit over by taking part in the Annual West Zone Nephrology Conference and National Nephrology Conference.

Presently you are offering your services as Senior Consulting Nephrology, at Department of Nephrology, Shelby Hospital Indore.

With this, you are providing your services as an honorary consultant nephrologist in cloth Market Hospital Indore. In the form of Consultative Nephrologist, you have given ten services to Gokuldas Hospital, Indore, fifteen years to Curewell Hospital and for 12 years at Geeta Bhawan Hospital.

We are fortunate that our Dialysis Unit has got the guardian of an experienced doctor like you and we will provide OPD and test facility to the town dweller on a fixed day of the month under your supervision.

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