INDIA, is an over populated country with large number of people with lack of their basic needs like basic education and primary health facilities. That critical situation is more complex in rural areas and as the rural areas covered totally 72% of total area of our country as compared to urban areas.

Due to poorly developed houses and without supply of electricity and other resources there are lots of health issues seen as the environmental factors change time to time.

In addition from that due to various socio economic issues which is another major cause of various health problems for the villagers and unable to deal with the problem due to lack of education and public awareness.


Prabhadevi is a non governmental organisation with an aim to make possible awareness among people about various health related issues with the help of various volunteers and doctors who are sincerely devoted towards the welfare of the society for the betterment of good health and a better environment for the fortuneless people.

Following objective are as follows:-

1. Aim to aware public about various common disease target kidney awareness in a fully devoted manner.

2. Aware them about various signs and symptoms of disease.

3. Improve knowledge and acknowledge about various treatments, detection and control of diseases.

4. Improve health facilities related to kidney disease, and acknowledge people about various diseases which leads to kidney failure or end with the dialysis programme.

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