Kidney is one of the most complicated and amazing part of human body and works for many essential processes in our body. one of an important work of kidney is to release Toxins and Excess of water from the blood by the process of urination. They also control blood pressure and the development of red blood cells and keep bones healthy. Various Socioeconomic factors contributes towards superfluous burden of Kidney Disease. Due to Language barriers, education and literacy levels, low income, unemployment, lack of adequate health insurance Increases the risk of Chronic kidney disease and Also limits access to preventive measures.

Prabhadevi is an NGO for the Poor Population of our country. work for those who are not capable to get meet our own demands. We at Prabhadevi help them to get educate about various aspects of Health and Education and also aware about kidney functions. We educate them about various kidney diseases and prevention of these disease. We tell them that prevenion towards such of these measures makes you protect from kidney disease.


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