Total 17.7 million children in india are not in school they works in various unhealthier environment,street is place for their living, fight with brave hunger, Poverty and violence Their childhood is like an struggle for life.

Despite of these unconditional and brave situation they also have equality to dream a great world. Basically in reality their real world makes them more perfect to go up to any situation to fight against any situation. They have that much of capability that they can live our dreams by their own efforts. The problem is only to get a single chance to meet their initial demand for prove themself to the society.

Our mission to conduct various educational programmes for the poors. We at prabhadevi identifies such childrens from urban and tribal areas even from urban slums to get provide chance to make prove theirself. In addition from these to get healthier and nutritive life we promote various campaigns to get them their best for their productive life.


We made our mission for thier education. Even you to contribute for our mission to ensure fight against poverty and made a disease free education and a literate nation.

Join and help us for our efforts for getting succeeded for make every single child in the school.

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